Sacramento Kings rookie Tyreke Evans was named Rookie of the Year for the 2009-2010 season yesterday. The Memphis product had a season that may not have been expected by many and was an early candidate for Rookie of the Year. With the unexpected play of Evans along with Brandon Jennings, the two appeared to be clear competitors all season long for the prestigious award won by Mike Miller, Damon Stoudemire and Derrick Coleman in years past. 

In the preceding weeks and months there had been great discussion about who would bear the honor of being Rookie of the Year. Early on the favorite appeared to be the unwieldy Jennings, but cooled off severely after having an explosive fifty-five point game against a team that would bear the late not-so-dark horse, Stephen Curry.

Curry was the darling of the NCAA tournament in 2008 when he took a relatively unknown school in Davidson to the Sweet 16. He had gained major national attention and was being considered one of the top picks in the coming draft. Curry elected to stay one more year and would be selected seventh overall by the Golden State Warriors this past summer.

Curry has been the best rookie of 2010 and won Western Conference Rookie of the Month two consecutive months, unseating Tyreke Evans who had won the title in the preceding months. Curry has notched a triple double and came very close to a quadruple double, arguably the most difficult made up statistic to accomplish.

Curry and Jennings are both very good rookies, among the top of their class with their leadership ability and knack for scoring. Both rookies were solid at parts of the season, Jennings was the catalyst to the Bucks having a worth while season. Curry set the West on fire with his incredible play propelling the Warriors to finish the season 8-8. 

At the beginning of the year everyone was calling Jennings the Rookie of the Year, then in the second half the year everyone was calling Curry the Rookie of the Year. But what many failed to notice Tyreke Evans consistent play from the beginning of the year to the end. As good as Jennings and Curry have been many players, and apparently writers, recognized that Tyreke Evans is the best player in his first year currently. 

Kobe Bryant has even gone on record to call Tyreke Evans a, "grown-ass man," preceding that statement by saying, "Steph's a phenomenal player, but...," referring to Stephen Curry of course. 

Tyreke Evans has also recorded a triple-double on the night he was being promoted by the organization with 'Reke ROY night, dedicating the game to Tyreke's campaign for Rookie of the Year. 

And what many fans fail to realize is that players are not awarded Rookie of the Year because they helped their team to the playoffs. Or because they have been the hottest rookie recently. The Rookie of the Year award is given to the player, or players, who are viewed as the best player(s) by the voters. 

Tyreke Evans also averaged, not to beat the dead horse, at least twenty points per game, five assists and five rebounds per game for only the fourth time in NBA history as a rookie. Regardless of what team you play for, that is impressive. Also considering the other three first year players to notch those averages were Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

A Kings fan can only hope that the career of Evans comes close to the three players mentioned above, but if his rookie season is any indication Evans may be discussed among some of the best players for the next decade on. Along with Evans, Stephen Curry and Brandon Jennings appear to be firm mainstays in the NBA for quite a while. 

Regardless of who would have won the Rookie of the Year award, it doesn't take an award to know how good all three of these players are. Of course, these are words coming from a Kings fan. But, ten years from now, that award means nothing. No one looks back on a players career to boast about an award they won their rookie season.

So, everybody, stop whining. Please.